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please take the time out to unlearn the

fact that a man has always got to be

healed at such a high standard he's
always got to be the one to check on
everybody else but who gonna check on
as your woman that's my job that's one
thing my man ain't never got to worry
baby how was your day don't want to talk
about me we're not going to talk about
me how was your day
how you feeling today how your mental
how was your spiritual
like are you good you know what i'm
saying is something bothering you
okay cool baby go on in there and take
you a shower cleanse yourself come out i
got you i'ma rub your feet
give you a massage whatever it is you
need but i need you to relax today is
about you
and it ain't just gonna be no special
day no holiday i need my man to know
that i'm a safe place i am a place where
you can come lay all your burdens down
want you to exude some vulnerability
with me i need you to show me
that you my gentle giant yeah your boys

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