"Laundry Day" by Your Brain On Drugs


'Your Brain On Drugs' brings you the ultimate relaxation music to rock your nights away. The song starts with a very soothing melody and we are presented with a dripping guitar, composing the main hook of the song. The way the hook is sung gives the app a more intimate feeling and really takes you away. The lyrics are very genuine and powerful and the message is clear: "this song is written for all those who can relate to this". If you like alternative rock, this is a new age music experience that you shouldn't pass on.

The latest song from Your brain on drugs is called 'Laundry Day'. It's the second single from their debut album, 'Your Brain On Drugs'. The band are made up of three guys: Dann Gallucci (vocals), Joe Pernice (guitar) and Sean Murphy (bass). They've been performing together since 2011, but this is their first album.

The lyrics are really nicely written and the music is really catchy too! You can listen to the song on YouTube here or buy it on iTunes here or listen on spotify.****

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