What is SoundPedia?

SoundPedia is a music directory and online community for music promotion, discovery, and networking within the music industry. Musicians, labels, producers, and pretty much anyone involved in creating audio and music are welcome to add their pages and tracks to the directory. Once you have a page, you can post news, upload tracks, announce events, sell your merchandise, and more. SoundPedia has you covered.

How much does it cost?

It's free! You get free music promotion and exposure, plain and simple. Pro accounts (which include extras suitable for pro users) are a premium feature, but you can do a lot with your free page.

Can I sell my music on SoundPedia?

Yes and no. You can sell vinyl and physical copies of your music, but not digital copies. When you create a page, the tracks, news, events, and other information you post helps sell your digital music indirectly. SoundPedia helps musicians get their music in front of music lovers, producers, and distributors that can discover your sound.

Do advertisements show up on my page?

No, we do not show advertisements on user pages. Your page is about your brand and nobody else's.

How do I upload audio?

You can upload audio you created / are the copyright owner of through your page. Just click "Manage Page" in your account and go to tracks. You can upload in common formats like mp3, ogg, acc, and wma. Pro members can also upload higher definition audio formats.

How do I increase my rank?

Rank is determined by a number of factors: page views, plays, and fans among them. If you have a lot of people listening to your audio and visting and/or becoming fans of your page, your rank will go up.

Can I get bookings through SoundPedia?

Yes, part of SoundPedia is helping to get you booked for gigs and events. If you want to accept solicitations, set up your booking details for your page.

What is the benefit of connecting with other users?

If your connection request is accepted, you are allowed to freely message with that user. Some users may only accept messages from connections or users with a minimum number of fans. Requesting connections is a good way to start networking.

Is there a way to see my favorite tracks, pages, etc.?

Sure, you can see all of the things you are a fan of in your account. When you like something, just tap the fan this button and it will be saved.

Ready to claim your page?