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This experimental four-piece band was formed as an unpretentious but also extravagant, honest but crooked, no-nonsense but also frivolous playground of a music project, where silly ideas were just as appropriate as dead serious ones. No ideas were to be thrown out, and everything could evolve into anything. “A song is like a colouring book”, they used to say, and every new performance provided a new palette. One may think one song is a mere pop song, but the next time it’s heard, it may have metamorphosed into a psychedelic hot pot with odd time signatures or an acoustic quasi ballad with slide whistles and animal noises. Nothing allowed, everything embraced.

With an almost underground status, these four quirky scoundrels played hundreds of gigs and then suddenly split up, with no intention of ever playing together again. However, after a five year hiatus they once more found the urge to create.

Now they’re back with no clear aim but armed with a focus like never before.

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