An Exceptionally Moving Collection of Songs, Album


Review by Moosic Entertainment , Feb 29, 2024

WORLD5, the transcontinental musical collaboration of seasoned musicians, is back with their latest offering, their third studio album named ‘III.” The band, with members scattered globally, has harnessed the power of the World Wide Web to create a cohesive sound that transcends physical distances. The album showcases a refined blend of Adult Contemporary, Pop-Rock, and Soft-Rock elements with Lou Evans’ lead vocals akin to the styles of Jason Mraz, Bobby Kimball, and Brandon Boyle.

WORLD5’s III will be available for pre-order on March 10th, 2024, and released on May 10th, 2024. On May 10th, III will be available wherever music is streamed or sold!

The opening track, “I Get It,” sets the tone for the album with emotionally charged vocals, skillful guitar work, and a rhythmic foundation that grooves. This track serves as a perfect introduction, inviting listeners into a world where love triumphs over hardships.

The inclusion of guest vocalist Jonna Sailon in “You And I” adds a delightful dynamic to the album, especially when Jonna and Lou sing together. Lou Evans’ vocals soar into a high tenor range, creating a captivating contrast. The catchy chorus and a scorching guitar solo make this track stand out.“Just Another Night” is based on an irresistible bass groove with unstoppable drums that demands movement, you can’t help but dance. The sweet saxophone adds an extra layer of musical richness, adding a bit of sweetness for your ears. Carrying a powerful message, “Cry For The Children” is about making a positive impact on the world for future generations. The intricate percussion, impressive guitar work, and soulful vocals contribute to the song’s emotional resonance.

“Bellacita” transports the listener with its Spanish guitar introduction, setting a passionate mood. Smooth and expressive vocals further enhance the allure of this track. “Be You” delivers an uplifting message, encouraging listeners to embrace their authenticity. Tender vocals and a memorable chorus make this track infectious from the first listen.

A ballad about a free-spirited man who isn’t ready to settle down, “That Kind Of Guy” has a tight rhythm section and cool guitar licks, adding depth to the storytelling. “That’s How She Plays The Game” offers a contrast to the previous track, celebrating a strong, driven woman. The infectious chorus and spirited instrumentation make it a standout moment on the album.

“A Moment In Time” serves as a reminder to savor life’s fleeting moments. The butter-smooth vocals, supported by a solid rhythm section and soaring guitar solos, create a captivating listening experience. Joe Gavito’s “My Life My Soul” is an instrumental track that showcases the band’s instrumental prowess. With a strong beat, sweet guitar licks, phenomenal guitar solos, and bass fills, it’s a testament to the musicians’ skill.

Closing with “You Are My Why,” a heartfelt ballad with passionate guitar riffs, the album leaves a lasting impression. The sweet and touching vocals invite listeners to sing along, concluding the musical journey on a poignant note.

In conclusion, the band’s third studio album simply named, ‘III’ is a testament to the masterful musicianship of WORLD5. The album is a collection of moving songs with catchy choruses, showcasing the band’s ability to craft engaging and emotionally resonant music. Each track offers a unique flavor, contributing to a cohesive yet diverse listening experience. Fans of Adult Contemporary and Pop-Pock will find WORLD5’s album, ‘III’ a rewarding addition to their playlists.

Shaun C. MOOSIC Entertainment